In Mount Litera Zee School Mylaudy, We implement Litera Octave curriculum, which is a learner centric education model.

Litera Octave
    Litera Content
  • A perfect blend of technology with the physical options like worksheets, synopsis, projects and activities.
  • Effective use of e-content to ensure easier and effective learning for students.s
Litera Enrichment
  • Crucial element for child’s overall mental, emotional and physical health and well being.
  • Programs range from dance, music, sports to adventure trips and field visits.
Litera Life Skills
  • Skill-based interactive  programs to promote personal development of children.
  • Developmentally appropriate programs based on collaborative learning.
Litera Teacher
  • Rigorous and comprehensive hiring and training processes for teachers to keep them abreast of the bet-in-class teaching and learning methodologies.
  • Teachers undergo 360 degree assessments to ensure that children get the best learning environment.
Litera Assessment
  • Finds out what children are good at rather than whether they are any good.
  • Happens on a continuous basis and at the children’s pace rather than through only periodic exams, which  lead to stressful situations .
  • Assessment patterns based on feedback from various stakeholders including parents.
Litera Parents
  • Parents become critical stakeholders in the entire learning process
  • Patents are oriented through various workshops to become effective Litera parents
Litera Networks
  • Networking among student, teachers and patents across the country
  • Facilitates sharing of knowledge, ideas, view thereby adding enriched perspectives to the learning process
Litera Infra
  • State-of-the-art school design ensures positive and encouraging environment for learning inside and outside classrooms
  • Effective use of technology to track student’s progress and connect all stakeholders in the students’ development-teachers, parents and students themselves